The Shift Method

I have been practicing ‘mindset shifting’ for 16 years. I was first introduced to the concept by my mentor when I was 17 years old. I dove head first into Tony Robbins, The Law of Attraction, The Secret, and personal development in general.

Over the years, more and more ‘self help’ coaches have been catching on to the power of the mind and have created their own versions of mindset shifting. Tony Robbins, Gabrielle Bernstein, Dr Joe Dispenza… Every concept is slightly different from one another, with the desired outcome being the same.

What is Mind Shifting?

The power of positivity. Like attracts like. You are what you think. Look at the bright side… Any of these terms sound familiar?

Mindset shifting is training the mind to think of the positive, optimistic, and feel good side of an event, circumstance, or experience.

We run 95% of the time from our subconscious mind, and 70% of our subconscious is formed by negative experiences in our past. So it’s no wonder that our automatic response to things is negative.

We have to rewire our minds to think in a more conscious way and choose a better way to look and feel about things. This isn’t easy when we only operate 5% of the time from our conscious mind, but it can be done. It’s just creating a new habit. A new habit where your mind immediately thinks of the positive side instead of the negative.

So How Do We Start?

I’ve created my own method of mindset shifting, where I’ve taken what I’ve learned from my teachers and put them together in an easy step-by-step process. I call it ‘The Shift Method’.


  • You bring awareness to the negative thought about the circumstance, person, or event
  • You acknowledge the fact that you aren’t feeling happy and joyful anymore, but down, frustrated, angry etc.
  • Your state and attitude has changed
  • Your energy is vibrating at a low frequency
  • So you call out the negative reaction or thought


  • You forgive yourself for having the thought and going down the negative highway to hell
  • You don’t smack your hand and talk negatively towards yourself
  • You simply say ‘I forgive myself for having that thought’


  • After you have forgiven yourself for being human
  • You choose to let it go
  • You choose to stop the negative spiral
  • You choose not to believe the fear, judgement, or lack mentality
  • You don’t create a story around it
  • You don’t victimize yourself anymore
  • You tell yourself that ‘you don’t want to feel like this’


  • You decide to shift your perspective
  • You decide to shift your thought pattern
  • You decide to shift your energy, your mood, your reality
  • You SHIFT your MINDSET and choose to see the positive, the light, and the love



  • You can either mentally or physically write a list of every positive you can find in that situation
  • Example; something better is coming my way, this was meant to happen, now I have more time for myself, now I can pursue my dream, at least no one got seriously hurt in that car accident…
  • Repeat the positive idea until you start feeling a little better and you feel the cloud lifting


  • Being grateful is the fastest way to get yourself from a negative state, to a higher vibe positive one
  • Gratitude and fear cannot coexist
  • List everything you are grateful and appreciative of in that moment. Example; ‘I’m grateful for my job because at least I have a job to go to’ (instead of complaining about your commute), or ‘I’m grateful for this break up as it taught me this and that’ (instead of burning all his clothes and eating all the ice cream), or ‘even though I had an argument with my spouse, I appreciate all the good they do for me’ (instead of cussing them out).

If you can’t get to appreciation or gratitude in the moment, don’t panic. It takes practice. You’re main goal is to search for a thought that is better than the automatic ones you’ve been programmed to think.

It’s important to go through all the steps in the beginning of your journey because they are vital to reprogramming your brain.

Forgiveness, in particular, is a great practice to have. Otherwise you will hold onto resentment, judgement, shame, and guilt forever and they will keep sabotaging your efforts and continue to show up in your life. These are what I call ‘Hot Coals’. It’s your choice to hold onto them and burn your hands, or you can forgive so you can let them go and stop hurting yourself.

You will need to implement ‘The Shift Method’ every single day most likely. I still have to call upon it, even after 16 years of practice! But it’s like they say… nothing worth having comes easy… this includes a better state of mind, which in turn creates a better personal reality which attracts your dreams, desires, and visions into your life.

Now that’s something worth working for!

~ Gem Munro, #TWPATL Member and Owner of GemBodyMind and GemBodyCo

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