Self Care for the Successful Female

We have all heard it…

“Hustle harder”, “There is no success without sacrifice”, “Work now and rest later” cram for a certification exam, and pull a few all-nighters to grab a promotion. You can absolutely sprint to a launch, cram for a certification exam, and pull a few all-nighters to grab a promotion.

BUT you can’t sustain it. You need fuel, sleep, and time to process. Your phone doesn’t work properly if the battery hasn’t been charged, and neither do you.


Pushing your limit 24/7 is costing you time and money and making it harder to smash your goals.

Think about it, when you’re tired…Are you excited to work? Do you create your most brilliant solutions? Do you finish tasks quickly? Probably not!

Sleep deprivation alone decreases your brain’s performance in:

Reaction Time
Decision Making
Logical Reasoning

and more. In fact, a single night of sleep deprivation can decrease mental performance by 25%.
Sounds like someone who is inefficient, slow, distracted, anxious and likely to make a mistake! This person also might self-soothe by zoning out in front of the tv, medicating with alcohol and coffee, and eating fast food and sugary snacks. 
Does that sound like the recipe for a top-performing female?


The secret to success isn’t another webinar or certification program. You are the most valuable asset in your business, and you need to make sure you’re doing your best work (think “work smarter, not harder”). Putting self care on your calendar is the key to turning up the excellence in what you already know how to do!

Here’s the best part: You already know what you need, you simply need to put it on your calendar and into action.
Sleeping 7 hours or more
Drinking ½ your body weight in oz. of water
Eating 4-6 servings of vegetables
Exercising for 30 minutes
Doing something that makes your heart sing
Connecting with friends and loved ones

Remember that you deserve to live your best life, even while you’re hustling! At the end of the day, money doesn’t matter if you’re unhappy (just ask any of our many members who are former C-suite executives)! 

Here at The Women Project, we want to see you healthy, happy and successful! Check out our Calendar of Events for events related to health and wellness and check out our Membership Platform to find an accountability buddy for your health goals!

Written by Dr. Chelsea Drda, Doctor of Chiropractic and VP of Membership for The Women Project

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