Meet the Christchurch Team


Meet the Atlanta Director: Dani Rich

Born and raised in San Diego, this SoCal native made a solo cross country move to further her career in Atlanta five years ago. As a newer entrepreneur making connections with other like-minded women to learn, collaborate with, and grow from was just one of the many reasons she joined TWP. 

Danielle is an entertainment travel agent, negotiating hotel deals for film/tv cast & crew productions on location. Spending 20 years perfecting her craft, she has worked with close to 400 productions across the globe. She loves the travel industry to her core and is an industry expert in her space. 

Spending her entire career working in a male dominated industry, Danielle loves to see women thrive in business. From her own journey she hopes to inspire women to find their voice and true confidence. She believes real in person connections are so important and becoming a rarity in society today. Danielle wants to bring real back and loves being a part of the TWP community that strives to do just that.

Leadership team

We are currently looking for women to join our leadership team in Christchurch, NZ. If you are interested and would like more information, please email us at info@thewomenproject.com


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