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What we Offer

The Women Project is an online collaborative platform and in-personal networking organization.

We create the opportunities for introductions, a place to promote your business or yourself, make friends, further your knowledge, give back to the community, and most importantly – support and empower each other!

See below for examples of what we offer as an organization.

This and so much more

Online Directory

Search and connect with TWP from all over the globe. Looking to hire or collaborate? Here you will find a robust directory of #bossbabes for whatever or whenever needed.

Local Events

Looking for consistent networking events?
We have an ongoing running calendar with various options in every city. 

Educational Workshops

We host online and in-person educational workshops to advance your knowledge in an array of areas such as Social Media, Finances, and Leadership courses.


Are you looking to donate your time, your product, or give back to the community? We make it a priorty to find organizations to support in our communities on an ongoing basis.


Health & Wellness, Business, Financial, Social,
and Bloggers 
Locally, National, & International

Services / Resources

Additional Resources Available for Purchase including Website Development, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Branding, and Photography

Words from Our members

I have found such AMAZING support through The Women Project. I have gained friendships that align with me and my purpose and have ladies that I can lean on whenever I need.

This organization changed my life

Gemma Munro

VP of Health & Wellness, The Women Project

As women, we are taught to see each other as competition rather than allies and that in order for us to succeed, we have to outshine the woman next to us. That is the furthest from the truth! We have no idea how powerful we are if we collaborate. I love that The Women Project focuses on elevating and supporting each other as women. Building connections with other women can create the strongest network you will have.

Sydnee Scruggs

Atlanta, GA, United States

I can’t even put into words how much I love this group and adore every woman I meet here. We lift each other up when we need it. We motivate and push each other to reach our goals. We serve our communities together. And we do it all while laughing and having a blast.”

Jennifer Larosa

Atlanta, GA, United States

I am so happy to be apart of The Women Project. I  just so happened to find out about their launch event on Eventbrite. I  knew no one attending but that changed the second I  walked in as I was instantly felt welcomed by a group of badass women that would soon become friends, allies and business referrals all in one. I recently moved here from New York and was looking to connect with a network of professional women. The Women Project has exceeded my expectations and more. I’m excited to be on the founding committee and am looking forward to it’s growth.  

Sophia Hyacinthe