About Kiera

Kiera (like “Shakira without the sha) is the owner and CEO of The Social Project, a Digital Marketing and Social Media Agency.  She is very passionate about entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

Kiera lost her mother to breast cancer while in high school and after years of raising money for the cause, she founded the Atlanta arm of The Pink Agenda, a breast cancer nonprofit, in 2013.

After years of meeting incredible and inspiring women, she wanted to create a platform for like-minded women to come together to make meaningful relationships and connections. She strongly believes that when women support each other, amazing things happen. She created a space for women to help each other succeed, not only through networking, but through educational and motivational workshops and events. 

“Over the last few years, so many women I know have being launching businesses or killing it in their careers and they did not know each other. I thought, ‘I want The Women Project to be the tool to make these introductions. We need to be cheerleaders for each other.'”

In Her Words…

Why Just Women? Not Men?

“From the moment we are born, we [women] start with a laundry list of issues we have to overcome. We have to be pretty, skinny, smart, successful, sweet, well… basically perfect. If we choose to be stay-at-home moms, we are criticized for not working and if we are working, we are judged for not being home with our kids. If we choose to not have kids, we are judged for being selfish. If we are confident and vocal in meetings, we are often described as pushy or “bitchy” instead of admired the way men are in the same scenario. I know men face their own struggles in life, but women always start way too many steps behind the line.”

Why The Women Project?

“You will hear me say this often, when you are surrounded by like-minded, supportive women, the narrative changes. You somehow find that little light inside you (your motivation) and it grows into this massive burning flame. Each one of these women in this community is doing just that for each and everyone of us. 

Be that light that passes on to the next woman. Watch this world light up in one huge, powerful, positive, and inspiring flame! That is the purpose of this project. Please join us!”


A little more…

Kiera is from Marietta, GA and graduated from The University of Georgia. After graduation, she moved to Buckhead and has been there ever since! She lives at home with Trey and their dogs.

She loves all things UGA Football and proudly bleeds Red and Black. Kiera is also a NY Yankees fan, a wine enthusiast, amateur photographer, a philanthropist, and dog lover to name a few things. She loves Mexican and French food and would be happy eating one of those cuisines every single day. Well, ok Sushi, too.

You can find her performing on stage with her dance family from time to time and, yes, she has a killer hip-hop alter ego. 

In her spare time, you probably cannot find her (unless you are following her on Instagram) as she is probably out exploring the globe. Paris will always be her favorite and maybe we will see her living there part time in the future. She speaks a little French and loves visiting her family’s home country of France to brush up on her skills. Travel is definitely one of her biggest passions in life and you can follow her adventures over on Instagram at @theblonderer.