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Periods and ways to stop Periods

The nature of the menstrual cycle is different in all women. Some have good and pleasurable periods while others have painful and unpleasant periods. The nature of the menstrual cycle can be changed by using different medications and by adopting different methods. The use of medications and other period control methods can also have a harmful effect on the health and overall reproductive system of the women, so one should be careful when she wants to stop the periods.

Sometimes extremely painful and irritating feeling makes the women stressed and tensed; this situation is called as the premenstrual syndrome. Sometimes women want to stop the period if they have to go any party or event. They can also choose to stop the period to enjoy their holidays and can also stop periods due to the fear of the menstrual pain and due to the excessive flow.

When such situations arise one asks how to stop the period?

The simple thing which one should keep in mind that no one can challenge the Mother Nature although people can try their best to stop the periods and various methods in this era is successful in stopping the periods. Other ways to stop or lessen the period with the lowest side effects are mentioned here.

how to stop your periods - ways to stop Periods

Use of the soft cup

It is also a commonly used method to stop the periods. It is a soft cup which is placed in front of the cervix inside the women secondary sex organs. It prevents the leakage of the blood out from the body and collect whole blood. It can be changed and can be reused but is good not to reuse it due to infections. It has no side effect as the medication and surgery have.

Use of the Ibuprofen

Use of the Ibuprofen to stop the periods is a common one. One can lessen the pain and flow to a great extent. One can stop the period once it has started. So the intake of the Ibuprofen three to four times a day can lessen the flow and can make the period pleasurable. It is also possible to completely stop the periods depending upon the nature of the menstrual cycle. Various medicines such as the Tranexamic acid is available which causes the clotting of blood in the uterus and leads to less bleeding and menstrual flow. 30 60 65 percent flow can be reduced by taking this medicine. The production of the Gonadotropin hormone can also be stopped by taking the anti-inflammatory and Non-steroidal drugs when its production will be stopped the flow can be lessened by it.


This method to stop the periods is very rarely recommended by the doctors. Doctors may recommend someone to remove her uterus due to other medical conditions such as excessive bleeding which is also called myoma and due to the injury of the uterus. The internal bleeding of the uterus can also be a factor of removal. It is the way which is only suitable for the aged women or for those who have completed their families or for those who don’t want any kid in their whole life. It is because after the removal of the uterus the women will not be able to produce kids. In this way, her periods will be stopped forever although there will also be less sexual desires. Removal of the uterus and it parts including the ovaries, fallopian tubes and eggs will make the women infertile and it is obvious there will be no periods.

More intakes of Fruits and Vegetables

More and more intake of the fruits and vegetable during the periods are also effective to stop the periods. The mineral and vitamin content of the fruits and vegetable can lessen the pain, cramps, itching and pleasurable sensation. So it is good to use more fruits and vegetables if one wants to have a good experience of the monthly cycles

Massage of the Uterus

Massage gives a feeling of satisfaction and peace. To stop the period’s, women should massage her uterus so the veins and organs of the cycle can be relaxed. When the organs are relaxed, there will be less pain and flow and the flow will be smooth.

Intake of Vinegar

Intake of vinegar is also beneficial and effective to stop the periods. Two to three teaspoons of vinegar in Luke warm water three to four times once the periods has started can be very helpful for lowering the menstrual flow and to lessen the menstrual pain. It will lessen the flow and will reduce the pain.

Use of Oral Contraceptives

The use of the oral contraceptives is very common among women who want to stop their periods due to some reasons. These are available in many forms including the oral, injection and the patch form. These also have very low side effects. However, these should be used to getting advice from the doctor. To get the best and to see the positive results of the menstruation one should start it one month before. If someone wants to start the periods again, she can stop using the birth control pills and can have periods back.

Some other ways to stop the periods – How to Stop Your Period

  • Use of the lemon to stop the periods or to lessen the periods is very common among old aged women because she want to stop their periods in a natural way. Few drops of the lemon juice in a glass of water can make the flow less and can reduce the feeling of boredom during the periods.
  • Intake of more and more water can make the periods peaceful and pleasurable. Water removes the toxins from our body and the removals of toxins from the body lessen the pain of the periods and also lessen the premenstrual symptoms. It also makes the flow rapid and increases the flow smoothly.
  • To have sex in the whole month can be helpful to have a go and pleasurable periods at the end of the month or during the days of the cycles. Sex during the periods can also be helpful because sex causes the contractions of the organismic organs and this contraction can expel the blood out from the body and she can have a relaxed feeling. The time of having a sex is an important thing in this process because once the period has started the sex can be painful. Sex few hours before the blood discharge can be helpful to make the flow rapid and to lessen the irritability of the periods.

Heat packs at the abdominal region can also be helpful in lowering the pain of the periods and also to make the flow smooth and heavy, hence more feeling of satisfaction with the more discharge of the blood. Heat will make the organs soft and relaxed and it will be good to have heat packs in the uterus or at the abdominal region because it will have very little side effects.

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